Sponsorship Information

Not all of our animals get adopted quickly. Some have stayed with us for well over a year without adoption. Some have special needs and are not as adoptable as others. Providing for the lives of these animals, their caring, feeding and medical attention, is an important part of our mission and one you can help with through our sponsorship program.  

Sponsoring an animal is a different way you can choose to get involved and make a difference in an animal's life, outside some of the commitments adoption and fostering entail. See our list of animals in need of sponsorship below.

Animals In Need of Sponsorship:

Click on their names to read more about them and to sponsor them!

Weeble - 1 year old cat, neurological condition which makes him unstable on his feet: Currently undergoing laser therapy


Whether you choose to donate, adopt, foster, or sponsor- or a mixture of all of the above; know that you will have a powerful impact on the lives of the animals within our care. Even amounts as small as $5.00 help defray the costs for an animal. Since we are 501 (c) (3), donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for thinking of us...and our animals.