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Kina & Huggy

Litas aka Huggy also has a new nickname of Truffles. Goes well with her colors. Her little freckle on her nose has gotten much bigger as her colors continue to spread. One patch on her back looks kind of like a frog. Huggy is definitely the lap cat. Not every day or night, but she does love to snuggle up on a lap at least every couple of days. Huggy still purrs nice and loud when you pet her or pick her up and love her even when she's wiggling to get down. Kina has finally gotten over her sucking habits. She is very outgoing and all the cats are getting along well. Kina is a bit aggressive. She has a tendency to really grab hold of Huggy's neck and not want to let go. Huggy has caught on to this by now and tries to make sure she never gets a hold of her to begin with now. Kina is more of the cave dweller. She loves to crawl in or under things more than crawling up on your lap. Kina is more of a talker than one to purr. She responds many times when you talk to her or when she's waiting for her breakfast. She purrs but not very loud not like her sister who's quite the motor boat. :-)