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Fostering Network Program   provides socialization, training and care of rescued homeless cats, dogs and rabbits to prepare them for their new beginnings in an adoptive home. Foster families care for our pets until their forever home is found. ACDC maintains legal guardianship of all animals in foster care, and their medical costs are covered by ACDC.  ACDC distributes any donated food, toys and general supplies to foster parents when available.  Families are otherwise responsible for providing food, toys and general supplies and all the love and affection they can lavish on their foster pet. The more families that work with us, the more pets we can rescue.

Responsibilities of a Foster Parent

  • Provide care and socialization to the animals in your care
  • Contact the foster coordinator or vet care coordinator when any possible concerns develop
  • Bring animals to and from the vet when scheduled, including for vaccinations, spaying/neutering
  • Have your foster pet attend a Paws on Tour Event
  • Perform "meet & greets" with approved applicants and a home visit if necessary
  • Arrange for the adoption at our adoption center.

Qualifications to be a Foster Parent

  • Show genuine concern for the welfare of animals, consistent with the philosophy of ACDC
  • Be extremely conscientious about monitoring the medical condition, energy level and behavior of the animals in your care.
  • Be willing to ask questions or call with any possible concerns
  • Be willing to separate foster animals from your own animals
  • Have the ability to work independently and follow instructions/policies
  • Be physically able to transport your foster animals and their supplies in a carrier to the vet, outreach events, and the like
  • You must be 21 years of age to foster a pet

Foster Care Coordinators

  • Maintain foster parent and pet records
  • Update foster parents on new procedures and review foster manual periodically
  • Facilitate foster pet care vacation coverage for foster parents
  • Hold occassional foster parent meetings
  • Advise intake department when there is an available foster home to accept a rescued pet and save another life

Foster Parent Mentors

  • Review the foster manual and procedures with new foster parents in their home to help them get them set up and ready to accept a foster pet
  • Guide foster parents through the fostering process: veterinarian visits, adoption center, paws on tour events
  • Remind foster parents to get their foster pets vaccinated/spayed/neutered/microchipped and update their name/bio/pictures periodically
We believe we provide a unique experience .

It begins with you submitting an application, then a phone interview, followed by a home visit. Once that's complete, if we're all in agreement that fostering is right for you, you will be assigned a pet to nurture, with the help of one of our fostering coordinators and our veterinary care coordinator will be available for questions you may have about your animal's health. We have professional trainers available to us for evaluation of dogs, in addition to several vets that work with us to provide veterinary care. Come join'll find a great support network available to help you with your fostering experience! Fostering saves lives!

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  Click here to download and print an application and fax to 610-862-3938 . You can also click here to download a Microsoft Word file which you can fill out, save to your computer, then email back to us at or fill out the online form and click "Submit". Have a question? Email us at