Love animals and want to help cats, dogs & rabbits dogs find their forever homes and can’t foster a pet?

PET PALS might be just the right program for you!

               PET PALS is a program developed and designed to assist and hasten the adoptive process of ACDC cats, dogs and rabbits.   As a Pet Pal volunteer, you will be paired one on one with a specific ACDC foster animal to help them find their forever home.

You will be the special person who advocates and helps them find their adoptive family!

We have many different ways YOU can help.


Be part of a foster pets’ new beginning!

  • PetPal Advocates pair up with a foster pet and help them find their new beginning with their forever family
  • Share your Pet Pal’s story on Facebook, U-Tube, and Twitter and send updates via email or other innovative ideas
  • Send flyers to friends & post in neighborhood stores
  • Help promote your Pet Pal at a Paws on Tour event


Express your creative side!

  • As a PetPal Marketer, you will be part of the Pet Pal Advertising Team, creating flyers for Foster Pets
  • Gather insight on the adoring qualities from foster parents and Pet Pal Advocates and write web descriptions
  • Take photos or videos to help in promoting a foster pet

Ways to Help with limited time!

  • Pet Pal Benefactors pair up with a foster pet to assist a foster family in providing the foster pet with their daily care of food, bedding, toys and supplies
  • Updates, and pictures will be sent to you so you can keep in touch with your Pet Pal from afar!


How to Sign Up as a Pet Pal

Please consider becoming a ‘Pet Pal’ volunteer as a way to continue ACDC’s mission.  The cats, dogs and rabbits are depending upon us and, of course, the quicker we can help an animal start a new beginning with a forever family, we can save that many more and offer them the same opportunity!  Sign up now; contact us at