The ‘Paws on Tour’ venue within ACDC enables ACDC to increase more awareness and hasten the adoptive process offering many more new beginnings for our animals as a result of these fun events.  As a ‘Tour Roadie’, you will be the special person who will promote and help them find their adoptive family!

Paws on Tour

The community outreach department is the fastest growing and most dynamic venture by the Animal Coalition of Delaware County.

‘Paws on Tour’ is a concept in animal welfare aimed at bringing animals and education to the public. Many people are reluctant to visit animal shelters due to the anticipated sadness of a shelter environment and the enormous number of unwanted animals waiting to find their homes. Many people find it easier to choose from a smaller selection of animals.

The off-site showcasing of animals enables the animals, potential adopters, and the staff to interact in a more intimate and social environment. This comfortable environment can help facilitate adoptions to those who may not have considered a shelter animal, while raising community awareness of the homeless pets in the Philadelphia region as well as the compassion, appreciation, respect and responsibility of lifetime pet ownership.  It is a great way to expedite a new happy beginning for a homeless pet and to raise in kind donations to assist in continuing our mission.

Tour Event Locations

Paws on Tour can be found at the following locations as well as participating in annual adoption and fundraising events at other various locations within the Philadelphia region:

  • PetSmart-Marple Crossroads, 400 S. State Road, Springfield PA
    • 2nd Saturday of month 11am-2pm
  • PetValue, Lawrence Park Shopping Center, Broomall PA
    • 3rd Saturday of month 11am-2pm

What to Expect and How to Be part of Tour “Roadies”

Tour Roadies participate in a ‘Paws on Tour’ Event at the location of your choice!

If you love spending time with animals

  • Pair up with a foster pet as their voice at events!
  • Meet or bring a tour foster pet to/from the event and ensure their safety while people engage them on the tour.
  • Speak on their behalf about their special traits and cute antics that make them an ideal new family member!

If you are the outgoing type

  • Acknowledge and greet people in a timely, professional, friendly, manner.
  • Oversee the booth and merchandise, engage with the public and listen to their stories, offer educational material based on discussions.
  • Encourage in-kind donations when giving background on ACDC’s mission, operations, services and ongoing needs to meet program goals.

If you like to set the stage for the tour

  • Set-up the merchandise and information table with the appropriate brochures and care sheets.
  • Set up the animal cages to showcase the adoptable animals with litter boxes, toys, food, water bowls, and bedding.

How to Sign Up as a Tour “Roadie”

Please consider becoming a ‘Paws on Tour’ Roadie volunteer as a way to continue ACDC Rescue mission.  The cats, dogs and rabbits are depending upon us and, of course, the quicker we can help an animal start a new beginning with a forever family, we can save that many more and offer them the same opportunity!  Sign up now; contact .