Help! I Found A Stray Animal-Now What?

So you found a stray animal and are wondering what you should do. That depends on several factors, one of which is where you live.

If you have found a stray, we urge you to bring it to your local municipal shelter to see if they can match it up with their lost pet files and return it to its owner. Nearly all SPCAs & veterinarians have microchip scanners and they can scan to see if the animal is chipped-and that will display the owner's name & contact information.

If you live in Delaware County, you should know that, as of July 1st, 2011 you will no longer be able to bring a stray animal to the Delaware County SPCA. They have changed their policy and will not accept stray animals for intake as of that date.

The recommendation of the Delco Animal Protection Board is to call 911 – the 911 center is keeping a log of found animals - and the Chester County SPCA at 610.692.6113.

Please check the Facebook Page for Lost Pets in Delaware County called "Bring the Lost Pets of Delaware County, PA Home".  People who lose or find a pet can post there at:

Please check the Facebook Page for Lost and Found Pets of Chester and Delaware County called "Lost and Found Pets of Chester and Delaware County".  People who found or lost a pet can post there at:  The BVSPCA designed this page to facilitate the reunion of lost animals with their owners in Chester and Delaware Counties of Pennsylvania.

Montgomery County residents have the luxury of 3 branches of the Montgomery County SPCA to serve them.

In Philadelphia, you can bring the animal to the Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) facility at 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue.

For more information on other rescues, visit our Resources Page and click on the link for "Other Rescues".

If you have lost your pet, PLEASE report it immediately to your local  police department or Animal Control.Also cavnass your neighborhood and post flyers, check daily at your local shelter or animal control to see if your animal has turned up. If your pet is microchipped, contact your microchip company to let them know your pet is lost.