The Animal Coalition is all-volunteer and all-foster, but even if you can’t volunteer, you can still help.  Donations are accepted, and the funds we raise go directly to pay for veterinary care and promote adoption for homeless pets.


We are also always in need of the following:

”º    Beds:  cat cuddlers, dog beds, etc.

”º    Food:  KITTEN AND ADULT CAT FOOD!Purina One kitten food or Iams, Science Diet kitten food. Regular adult cat food-dry & canned, including Purina/Purina One, Iams, Science Diet, Purina Cat Chow and/or Friskies. KMR powdered formula for orphans-we are always in need of KMR!

”º    Cat litter: clumping kind ONLY-Tidy Cats, Fresh Step, Scoop Away.

”º   Cat Scratching posts/corrugated scratching pads and cat toys

”º    Litterboxes:  both open and enclosed

”º    Grooming supplies:  shampoo, clippers, brushes, etc.

”º    Rabbit supplies:  hay, food, water bottles, etc. Please email for a more complete list

”º    Leashes and collars

”º    Old towels & blankets:  please wash before donating

”º    Cat trees and condos

”º    Flea and tick preventive:  Only Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, Revolution

”º   Crates, cages and carriers:  used, new, we don’t care.  Our volunteers give up their evenings and weekends to do community outreach, and these items help us bring our foster pets with us.


Paper clips, lined note paper, staples, black pens (BIC), Post-Its (larger ones, not the tiny ones) 


If you can’t volunteer your time, this is a great way to help.  We also encourage groups (boy/girl scouts, church groups, employee organizations, etc.) to organize wish list drives to help out.


Whatever you can do, we (and our pets) thank you!


Animal Coalition of Delaware County